Does your personal space need a functional makeover?

After the initial consultation, we will work on removing unwanted and unneeded items, identifying frustrations, and creating solutions. I will find new homes for everything that stays. Your new space will be functional and efficient, allowing you to be more productive and experience “simple joy”.

Each Package Includes:


30 - 60 FREE minute consultation (prior to the first session)

Hours of On-site Organization

Trash haul-off post-session

Donation haul-off post-session

Any additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions

Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies

100% Confidentiality


Single Session (4 hours) - $200 


12 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 10%)


$60 in savings

24 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 15%)


$180 in savings! 

36 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 20%)


$360 in savings! 

48 Hour Package Discount:

(SAVE 25%)


$600 in savings! 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo Divinci