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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a PO do

What does a professional organizer do?


A professional organizer specializes in designing systems that streamline every aspect of your life- from sorting and filing your important paper documents to categorizing and labeling the food in your pantry. A professional organizer allows you to be more productive and efficient during your day by saving you time, money and stress. When your home is tidy and things are easy to find, you ELIMINATE: wasted time searching for lost things, wasted money accidentally buying duplicates of things you already own and wasted stress worrying about how to manage all your stuff!  

How long

How long will it take to organize my space?

Each organizing project and client is different. The length of time your project takes to complete will depend on the size of your space, the number of items in that space and how quickly you are able to make decisions about what to discard and what to keep.  


What areas of organization do you specialize in?

My favorite projects include kitchens especially the pantry, kids rooms, and family rooms, but I love working in all areas of the home!


Do I need to be present during my sessions?

It depends. During our initial sessions, the sorting process goes much faster if you are there to authorize which items we will be donating or discarding. I will never remove anything from the home unless I have your permission.  After we have finished sorting, I am more than happy to finish the project for you by categorizing, labeling and styling your items!

How should I prepare for your visit? Do I need to clean out everything before you arrive?


You do not need to tidy up or sort anything before our first session! In fact, it is helpful if I can see how the space currently functions for your family and which aspects of organizing you struggle with the most.


Will I have to get rid of most of my things?

Absolutely not! Purging and de-cluttering is an important part of the organizing process, but I will never ask you to part with things you truly need or love. The goal is to create a designated home for every item you already own and to create systems to sort and contain any new items you bring into your home in the future.


Do session prices include organizing products?


No, but products such as storage bins, shelving, dividers, boxes, etc. will be only be purchased if you would like to incorporate them. Organizing products are never required, and many times, we can use storage systems you already own. If you do decide that you would like to use additional products, we will determine an agreed upon budget for those supplies. I will even do the product shopping for you at no additional charge! 


What methods of payment do you accept?


Cash, checks and major credit cards are all accepted.


Will our work together be confidential?


Yes, your identity and personal information will always remain private! I understand the sensitive nature of the work I do and assure you that anything related to your family, your home and your project will remain between us.


How do I get started?


The easiest way to get started is to fill out this consultation form. You may also call 850-830-0301 or email to discuss your project! 



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